Activity log for bug #619603

Date Who What changed Old value New value Message
2010-08-18 02:42:33 Thibault Févry bug added bug
2010-08-19 21:43:39 Luca Invernizzi gtg: importance Undecided High
2010-08-19 21:43:39 Luca Invernizzi gtg: status New Confirmed
2010-08-19 21:43:39 Luca Invernizzi gtg: milestone 0.3
2010-08-19 21:44:09 Luca Invernizzi gtg: assignee Luca Invernizzi (invernizzi)
2010-09-10 22:36:01 Thibault Févry gtg: importance High Critical
2010-09-10 22:36:23 Thibault Févry tags love release-critical
2010-09-13 16:15:44 Thibault Févry attachment added Big memory
2010-09-14 17:34:05 Luca Invernizzi gtg: status Confirmed Triaged
2010-09-14 17:34:07 Luca Invernizzi description [From both bzr and ppa.] This was firstly reported as a comment in another mine report bug. Reporting here as those are separate bugs. How to reproduce the bug. Launch gtg. Create a Task. Fill it with some text (Like ~5000 char to see the problem.) Look at memory used by the process. Remove the task. Look at the memory used by the process. The memory is not freed... Expected: Memory is freed when task is deleted, not just delete the task from the ui. This is severe for a user that would use frequently gtg without ever restarting it. (Why would you restart it, you can hibernate, etc...), the memory would grow little by little (Even with not so big content tasks.)... Why is there this problem ? Because when you confirm that you want to delete the task the code is this one: def on_delete_confirm(self, widget): """if we pass a tid as a parameter, we delete directly otherwise, we will look which tid is selected""" for tid in self.tids_todelete: task = self.req.delete_task(tid) self.tids_todelete = [] And self.tids_todelete is [] Removed tasks cause memory leak. Find where the task reference is kept after deletion. if that is removed, the garbage collector should take care of the task. for the original report, press the link around this box
2010-09-14 17:34:11 Luca Invernizzi summary Confirm we want to remove a task just remove the task from the ui, the task still exist. (This can cause huge memory leaks) Removed tasks memory leak
2010-09-14 17:35:24 Luca Invernizzi tags love release-critical leak love release-critical
2011-04-05 17:38:05 Luca Invernizzi tags leak love release-critical release-critical
2012-06-07 09:21:07 Izidor Matušov gtg: status Triaged Confirmed
2012-06-07 09:21:13 Izidor Matušov gtg: importance Critical High
2012-06-07 09:21:17 Izidor Matušov gtg: assignee Luca Invernizzi (invernizzi)
2012-06-07 09:21:24 Izidor Matušov gtg: milestone 0.3 0.4