Comment 8 for bug 615029

Luca Invernizzi (invernizzi) wrote :

2. is a nice idea to solve the problem, and it works well (it's in trunk now).
As for 1., I'm all for encapsulation and keeping things separate, but in this particular case I haven't found a simple way to put that code in liblarch, as it's very bounded with the browser.
The "issue" stands in the fact that the requester creates-the-task-and-loads-it-in-the-tree in one step, making it impossible to say:
"ehi, I want you to wait for tid X and select it when it is loaded", since I should do that call before adding it to the tree, but I would also need the tid. Maybe the task_factory of the datastore should be exposed.
So, that seems to require a bit of refactoring, but now it's bedtime. Maybe I'm not seeing an easy way to do that, ideas are welcome.