Comment 5 for bug 615029

Am 08.08.2010 22:46, schrieb Bryce Harrington:
> Oh, one further comment. I've noticed that when a new task is entered,
> gtg does not scroll the window to where it entered the task, nor even
> selects it. I don't know if that is intended behavior or bug, but it
> seems to me to not match what I expect.
> If it *did* behave this way, then after entering a new task, I could
> just hit 'enter' again to load the task editor. So that would make a
> simple workflow - "foo foo foo"<enter><enter> @bar<enter>"Foo is a bar
> blah blah blah".

Now that's a great idea.

- Allows to add details to a task only if wanted.
- Intuitive because the new task gets scrolled to and highlighted.
- Spares searching for the newly created tag.

+1 from me!