Comment 3 for bug 615029

I was thinking about ctrl+enter too. The only problem is that is not easily

On Aug 8, 2010 10:50 PM, "Bryce Harrington" <email address hidden>

That's not a bad idea. It's a feature I'd definitely use, as I tend to
be kinda verbose. ;-)

However, I think I'd get annoyed if it *always* popped up the taskeditor
on entry, since I usually only need to enter more text sometimes... half
the time or less I'd guess.

What would you think if instead, it was just a keyboard shortcut? E.g.
use 'ctrl-enter' instead of just 'enter' to cause it to pop up? Then
it'd be there for everyone by default, but wouldn't "get in the way".
People like us with workflows that want to elaborate can use the
shortcut, but it won't impact those who tend towards brevity.

One reason I think preference options should be avoided when possible is
that it makes testing a lot harder. E.g., imagine if you and I were the
only gtg users who prefer it this way; then no one but us would have it
turned on, and so no one else is really testing our particular
configuration. So bugs could show up that only you and I can reproduce,
and it'd be hard to figure out, "Oh, it's because we have 'auto-launch-
task-editor' enabled." Another reason to avoid preference options is
because they tend to accumulate, to the point that the preferences panel
gets overwhelming with way too many choices.

Open task's window after creating a task with quick-add