Comment 2 for bug 615029

Oh, one further comment. I've noticed that when a new task is entered, gtg does not scroll the window to where it entered the task, nor even selects it. I don't know if that is intended behavior or bug, but it seems to me to not match what I expect.

If it *did* behave this way, then after entering a new task, I could just hit 'enter' again to load the task editor. So that would make a simple workflow - "foo foo foo"<enter><enter> @bar<enter>"Foo is a bar blah blah blah".

What do you think of that? If we fix that one (bug? mis-feature?), then this improves the workflow such that we don't need to go so far as to open the task editor magically.

Bertrand, would like to get your feedback on this idea too.