Comment 2 for bug 345575

I think it is a separate bug. It's actually an example of "dependence
by sequence". You must do certain list of things one after the other.
So strictly speaking, right now you have to make substasks to express
this dependence. Maybe we could implement a kind of particular
typesetting that allow to express this directly (numbered list?). I
suggest you open a new bug explaining this.

On Wed, Jul 15, 2009 at 7:06 PM, Michael
Leuchtenburg<email address hidden> wrote:
> This may be a separate bug.
> Sub-tasks in the normal view are shown in the order they're entered in
> the parent task. However, the order they're shown in work view varies.
> The result is that if I have a task for which there are several subtasks
> that must be done in order, I have to play games with subtasks to make
> the tasks show up properly. Maybe this is the "right" way to think about
> things, but there are many ordered tasks that I don't think about in
> that way.
> For instance, I have to set up a new SVN system. The steps are install Debian, set up SSH, install SVN, copy backed up SVN database over, import SVN database. To make this work in GTG, I'd have to structure the tasks like this:
> - Set up new SVN system
>  - Import backed up SVN database on k3
>    - Copy backed up SVN database to k3
>      - Install SVN on k3
>        - Set up SSH on K3
>          - Install Debian on K3
> Not exactly intuitive, plus it requires tons of clicks to set up all the
> subtasks.
> --
> Sub-tasks should be ordered and orderable
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> Status in Getting Things GNOME!: Confirmed
> Bug description:
> In the normal view, sub-tasks always appear in the order in which they have been created. Drag & dropping allows one to reorder the sub-tasks but it's not stored. If you regenerate the view (change a tag selection for example), the sub-tasks are again in their original order.
> Note also that order of tasks in the work view is weird with sub-tasks of a given task sometimes separated by other tasks. I'm not sure what the right order should be.

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