Comment 2 for bug 223247

Quoting Uli Fouquet <email address hidden>:
> We could just use the correct package
> (zope.securitypolicy.zopepolicy.ZopeSecurityPolicy) in grokproject
> instead of the one used by Grok <= 0.11.1
> (
> Are there any objections? Otherwise I would check this patch into the
> grokproject trunk shortly.

Not so fast... Why is this error occurring in the first place?
Shouldn't have backward-compatibility imports?
Judging from the original error,

   ImportError: Couldn't import,
   No module named securitypolicy.zopepolicy,

it seems that isn't even available. The
reasons for this should first be investigated, I suspect something
else is at fault here. Either way, the bug CANNOT be in ftesting.zcml
since the old-style imports must still work due to BBB.