Comment 40 for bug 11334

I think there are case where it is very important to retain copy buffer : Have you ever tried to create a filter with a header in evolution ?
A natural way would be :
- Show source message
- Select and copy desired header
- Close window
- Go to Edit > Filters > New >
- Paste
Unfortunately, it doesn't work, because of what has been said above... I have to keep the window open, and once filter is created, go back to find it in order to close it...

But I thought selection buffer (X-managed) was different from copy-paste (WM managed)... but even CTRL-C doesn't retain clipboard...

It is my #1 wishlist/bugfix as I run into it very often... Worst, it seems to me that even if selection buffer worked that way, copy-paste used to behave as expected... maybe in my days of using windowmaker ?

Thanks for working so hard for us !