Comment 328 for bug 11334

@Fred: yes, you're right, on Lubuntu I installed Parcellite and it worked fine. But, with respect, which clipboard manager to use is not the point. The point is that Ubuntu and its relatives should be providing this functionality out of the box, not requiring users to figure out what's needed themselves or requiring 100's of applications all to implement functionality independently.

Perhaps some would say that this would add bloat to Ubuntu. Well, that would hardly be a first. One doesn't use Ubuntu if something really stripped down and minimal is called for, that niche is filled by plenty of other distros, not least being Debian.

300+ comments and still no real progress. What does it need to get clipboard managers included in Ubuntu? Not 'available' for the few who know, but 'included' so that everyone benefits, even the absolute beginners trying Linux for the first time?