Comment 321 for bug 11334

robbert (robbertvandendoorn) wrote :

Andrei (andrei-doom) on 2015-09-07: #320

Exactly. This is the point I'm always trying to make when talking to Linux or Ubuntu fanboys. To them it's like the holy grail in operating systems, but come on... if you can't even implement a proper clipboard. This problem has always existed. Even years before Ubuntu existed this bug already existed. Linux has never had a proper clipboard and they just refuse to fix this. To them it's just the way it was designed and that's what we have to live with. You don't like it? Well, that's your problem, because they don't give a shit. This is just fucking insane! How can these guys even take themselves serious?

No wonder they can't get any market share. Who wants to use such crappy, buggy, amateurish piece of useless shit? Come on. A clipboard is one of the core elements of an operating system. This should never fail. It should just work. You write some text in LibreOffice Writer, you copy this text and you immediately close the app (because that's a completely logical thing to do, because you don't need this source app anymore, because you're going to paste your text somewhere else) and then you can't paste it anymore, because there isn't anything to paste. You just copied this piece of text ONE SECOND ago and it's already completely lost, forever! What the fuck?!?!?! Even a child can understand this is absolutely ridiculous and this can never be the way you want copy/paste to work. Still the developers (if you can even call this bunch of useless amateurs "developers") of Linux and Ubuntu and their blinded fanboys don't see it as a problem and refuse to fix it... or do they? Maybe they just don't want to admit their design is flawed and they don't want to admit they're not competent enough to fix this.

Anyway, just don't use this useless piece of crap. Just use a proper operating system. Ubuntu and Linux in general suck so hard, even the best porn star would be jealous. Just use Windows or OS X. Don't use Ubuntu! Don't use Linux! It's absolute complete crap!