Comment 16 for bug 861443

MrCopilot (mrcopilot) wrote :

Duplicate Bug, Duplicate comment...


New Updates still do not allow for setting ignore_hosts, which in almost all cases where a proxy is needed there is an intranet that is not sent through the proxy.

I love automatic security updates, an essential part of the Ubuntu experience.

I do not love nor am I enchanted by having the aforementioned automatic security update remove access to the corporate intranet that was working fine before I consented to install updates.

Removal of the old version left its settings around, and when compared to new set, they were better organized and more complete.

I've added ignore_hosts setting to the new set in hopes that its implemented but not in the gui yet. I'll find out on the next reboot I suppose, Else I am confined to Firefox for the intranet as it allows manual proxy setup with exclusions.

This replacement was shortsighted and not at all customer focused. So here is a tip for you, free of charge.

If a large group of your users depend on standard ways of doing things, PROXY SETTINGS for instance, DO NOT REPLACE THAT FUNCTIONALITY with LESS FUNCTION.

One would think this is self evident, I guess not.

This bug is from early September, Almost November now and it is almost finished, but pushed out on my machine anyway.

Just Wow.