Comment 14 for bug 82436


* Chauncellor <email address hidden> [2009-09-19 18:38:30 CEST]:
> As of Jaunty, this is still a problem.

 Erm, is not?

> >From the description of gnome-app-install:
> "Please note that this package recommends only three of the official
> campaigns, those that are considered to be an introduction to the game.
> They are just recommended but not depended on - quite some people enjoy
> the multiplayer mode for which they aren't needed. If you want to have
> all the official campaigns installed you are encouraged to install
> wesnoth."

 You are looking at the package description of wesnoth-core, *not* of
wesnoth in jaunty:


> Firstly, this description is easy to miss. I and another person have
> missed this description. Secondly, the packages set to install do not
> include critical components such as music.

 I am not really sure why you call the music a "critical" component, it
isn't needed at all? It is nice to have of course, but "critical" is
something completely different.

> Users should not be expected to hunt around to get the game they want
> to work working.

 ... and they aren't anymore since the jaunty release because jaunty
comes with the complete suite (minus the server) when installing the
wesnoth package.

 Or does gnome-app-install only offer wesnoth-core for installation but
not wesnoth itself? I'm not on an ubuntu system myself so I can't check
that part.

 Thanks anyway!