Comment 10 for bug 146167

Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:
> I think "stable", "experimental", and "nonfree" (as suggested by Sean)
> would be fine, and those names should be used upstream.

Forward it to upstream them ;-)

> But as I said in
> the initial report, Ubuntu shouldn't be showing the "Apply the following
> changes?" window at all.

Agreed. And if that's fixed the gst-plugins-* could be closed as obsolete (it
would still be showed as bad/ugly in Synaptic, but if a user goes to synaptic
and installs the package by hand he likely knows what he's doing, that's
completely different than going to play music and seen that dialogue).

I would really like to avoid diverging from Debian now that we have the
gstreamer stack in sync.

 affects gnome-app-install
 status confirmed