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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #1475902: glmark2 segmentation fault Undecided New 148 weeks

From: Hans Joachim Desserud
Link: rebuild.debdiff


Bug #1347064: Crash on teardown when GL_OES_depth_texture isn't supported Undecided Fix Committed 274 weeks
Bug #1270871: --fullscreen causes glmark2 to die when X11 has no _NET_WM_STATE_FULLSCREEN atom Undecided Fix Committed 300 weeks

From: Daniel Kurtz
Link: 0001-native-state-x11-Don-t-terminate-fullscreen-if-EWMH-.patch


Bug #1009306: segfault while running glmark2-es2 Undecided Fix Committed 313 weeks

From: Eric Brower
Link: glmark2_1208_noctx.diff

Hacky patch for testing prior 2012.08 release

Bug #1170510: wayland - fullscreen does not resize benchmark Undecided Fix Committed 339 weeks

From: Joe Konno
Link: mode_events.diff


Bug #1099153: glmark2 version2012.12 fails to build in Ubuntu12.04 with Pandaboard Undecided New 353 weeks

From: Alexandros Frantzis
Link: build-with-pvr-eglplatform.patch

Allow building glmark2-es2 with the EGL headers provided by the PVR driver

Bug #1091052: glmark2 fails to build with gcc 4.8+ Undecided Fix Committed 357 weeks
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