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Bug #1889512: feedback our modification and performance after modification Undecided Incomplete 37 weeks

From: yuhsiang lin

Scanning result.docx : description about risk. code located from line 363 to 374

Bug #1799588: default paste_deploy.flavor is none, but config file text implies it is 'keystone' (was: non-admin users can see all tenants' images even when image is private) Medium In Progress 129 weeks

From: Michael Moore

Bug #1546507: Regular user in non-default non-recommended configuration can delete any image file Critical Confirmed 203 weeks
Bug #968696: "admin"-ness not properly scoped High In Progress 215 weeks

From: Marc Heckmann
Link: neutron_req_context.patch


Bug #1522524: User can delete deactivated images Wishlist In Progress 279 weeks

From: Niall Bunting
Link: deactivated-image-delete.patch


Bug #1438316: Glance does not notify systemd when the services are up. Undecided In Progress 315 weeks

From: Alberto Murillo
Link: 0001-Enable-systemd-notification.patch


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