Comment 1 for bug 992319

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit db86220abb0861ccb58fb6af57a262c734a18d6e
Author: Mark McLoughlin <email address hidden>
Date: Tue May 1 10:30:03 2012 +0100

    Use ConfigOpts.find_file() for policy and paste

    Use cfg's new helper method to find the PasteDeploy and policy config
    files. The basic behavior is "look alongside the config file" with a
    fall back to the standard default config paths.

    In the fairly obscure case where no --config-file is found we use an
    explicit default paste file taking to account the fact that all the
    glance apps have their paste config in a single file.

    Add some new debug logging to make it easier to see which config files
    are being loaded.

    Fixes bug 992319

    Change-Id: I978c4a8cb6ec6d12aaf746af511ccb572c34b7ee