Comment 6 for bug 933993

Eoghan Glynn (eglynn) wrote :

Thanks for the quick response Chris.

Now I'm having difficulty re-producing the issue against glance latest, and in fact code inspection suggests that if falling through to the ImageBodyIterator clause in glance/common/ acts as a work-around in your case, then the problem should have been resolved by this commit:

as the codepaths followed in the presence of the read attr would be equivalent.

Is the glance version you're testing against slightly behind the curve? You can check very quickly with:

$ grep -A 1 "elif self._iterable" glance/common/

Output like:

        elif self._iterable(body):
            return utils.chunkreadable(body)

indicates that you have the relevant commit, whereas:

        elif self._iterable(body):
            return body

indicates that you need to update to latest.

Can you try the above grep and get back to me?