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Submitter: "Zuul (22348)"
Branch: master

commit d7fa7a0321ea5a56ec130aa0bd346749459ccaf2
Author: whoami-rajat <email address hidden>
Date: Thu May 12 12:24:06 2022 +0530

    Disable import workflow in glance cinder jobs

    Recently, glance-multistore-cinder-import job started failing.
    As per the RCA done here[1], the reason is glance is using
    import workflow to create images which is an async operation.
    As in case of glance cinder configuration, there are a lot of
    external APIs (cinder) called like volume create, attachment
    create, attachment update, attachment delete etc which takes
    time to process hence the image doesn't get available in the
    expected time (as per devstack) hence the failure.
    Disabling import workflow will cause the images to be created
    synchronously which should pass the glance cinder jobs.
    To disable import workflow, we are inheriting from
    tempest-integrated-storage and not
    tempest-integrated-storage-import (which has import plugin enabled).


    Closes-Bug: 1973136
    Change-Id: I524dfeb05c078773aa77020d4a6a9991a7eb75c2