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Dan Smith (danms) wrote :

Just want to clarify one thing from the original bug text:

> The image status does not change, which means there's no way for the API client to
> know that the import failed.

Technically the image status does go from queued -> importing -> queued when this happens. However, in the case of a non-timeout failure (like is the case if you get a 404 from the remote server or "Connection Refused"), it's very likely that a well-behaved client won't poll quick enough to see that transition. Since the transition to importing happens async from the return, if you wait a few seconds before the first poll for completion, you'll see that the status is queued (which you may think is unchanged), but the "os_glance_importing_to_stores" key lists your store, looking like things are progressing even though they are not. If you know enough about glance internals, you could deduce that this state actually means failure, but that's not reasonable for a client (IMHO) and also could change later as the internals of glance change.