Error communicating with http:/localhost:9292 [Errno 111]

Bug #1277720 reported by Alex Wang on 2014-02-07
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I am new user for OpenStack and Ubuntu 12.04-Havana. I used dashboard to create two image files, on the next day, I found that those two imag files disappeared, and the image item doesn't work any more. Whenever I used glance command such as glance image-list, it will get "Error communicating with http:/localhost:9292 [Errno 111] Connection refused". I don't know how to solve this issue.

Feilong Wang (flwang) wrote :

This sounds like your env issue instead of a bug, you can ask at here

Changed in glance:
status: New → Invalid
Alex Wang (alex-wang1) wrote :
Download full text (19.6 KiB)

If you said that it's env issue, would you please help me to check my glance-api.conf:

# Show more verbose log output (sets INFO log level output)
#verbose = False
# Show debugging output in logs (sets DEBUG log level output)
debug = true
# Which backend scheme should Glance use by default is not specified
# in a request to add a new image to Glance? Known schemes are determined
# by the known_stores option below.
# Default: 'file'
default_store = file
# List of which store classes and store class locations are
# currently known to glance at startup.
#known_stores =,
known_stores =
# Maximum image size (in bytes) that may be uploaded through the
# Glance API server. Defaults to 1 TB.
# WARNING: this value should only be increased after careful consideration
# and must be set to a value under 8 EB (9223372036854775808).
#image_size_cap = 1099511627776
# Address to bind the API server
bind_host =
# Port the bind the API server to
bind_port = 9292
# Log to this file. Make sure you do not set the same log
# file for both the API and registry servers!
log_file = /var/log/glance/api.log
# Backlog requests when creating socket
backlog = 4096
# TCP_KEEPIDLE value in seconds when creating socket.
# Not supported on OS X.
#tcp_keepidle = 600
# API to use for accessing data. Default value points to sqlalchemy
# package, it is also possible to use: glance.db.registry.api
# data_api = glance.db.sqlalchemy.api
# SQLAlchemy connection string for the reference implementation
# registry server. Any valid SQLAlchemy connection string is fine.
# See:
sql_connection = sql_connection = mysql://glance:GLANCE_DBPASS@
# Period in seconds after which SQLAlchemy should reestablish its connection
# to the database.
# MySQL uses a default `wait_timeout` of 8 hours, after which it will drop
# idle connections. This can result in 'MySQL Gone Away' exceptions. If you
# notice this, you can lower this value to ensure that SQLAlchemy reconnects
# before MySQL can drop the connection.
sql_idle_timeout = 3600
# Number of Glance API worker processes to start.
# On machines with more than one CPU increasing this value
# may improve performance (especially if using SSL with
# compression turned on). It is typically recommended to set
# this value to the number of CPUs present on your machine.
workers = 1
# Role used to identify an authenticated user as administrator
#admin_role = admin
# Allow unauthenticated users to access the API with read-only
# privileges. This only applies when using ContextMiddleware.
#allow_anonymous_access = False
# Allow access to version 1 of glance api
#enable_v1_api = True
# Allow access to version 2 of glance api
#enable_v2_api = True
# Return the URL that references where the data is stored on
# the backend storage...

Alex Wang (alex-wang1) wrote :

I removed and re-install glance & database, restart server as well. The still can't be communicating,
netstat -antp |grep 9292, it still could NOT find 5h3 port 9292!?

Alex Wang (alex-wang1) wrote :

Sorry typo 5h3 is "the".

Alex Wang (alex-wang1) wrote :

Hi Fei Long, please you got to help me, I stayed this problem for a while, it caused me to fail to create images.

Alex Wang (alex-wang1) wrote :

Would some expert help me about my Ubuntu openstack-havana glance command problem???!!!

When I check with glance behavior, glance index always got this error
 "Error communicating with [Errno 111] Connection refused"
 I check with glance-api --debug the following error shown:

2014-02-12 16:11:02.334 32680 DEBUG glance.common.config [-] Loading glance-api-keystone from /etc/glance/glance-api-paste.ini load_paste_app /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/glance/common/
 2014-02-12 16:11:02.335 32680 ERROR glance.common.config [-] Unable to load glance-api-keystone from configuration file /etc/glance/glance-api-paste.ini.
 Got: LookupError("No section 'rootapp' (prefixed by 'app' or 'application' or 'composite' or 'composit' or 'pipeline' or 'filter-app') found in config /etc/glance/glance-api-paste.ini",)
 ERROR: Unable to load glance-api-keystone from configuration file /etc/glance/glance-api-paste.ini.
 Got: LookupError("No section 'rootapp' (prefixed by 'app' or 'application' or 'composite' or 'composit' or 'pipeline' or 'filter-app') found in config /etc/glance/glance-api-paste.ini",)

netstat -antp |grep 9292, does NOT get anything?!

This problem bothers me for days, originally I thought if keystone fixed then the glance problem will be gone.
 Would you please help me to solve this "glance client" issue?!

Many thanks

Feilong Wang (flwang) wrote :

How did you install Glance? devstack or manullay? If it's not a production environment, I would suggest you install it with devstack. Seems there are something wrong with your glance-api-paste.ini. Did you ever change it?

Alex Wang (alex-wang1) wrote :
Download full text (3.6 KiB)

Thanks Fei Long, I was installed by manually. glance was work fine, since I created a around 4Gb Window7-sp1 image file thru dashboard successfully, for the time being, those images files I was created and showing in the image database which all disappeared, and the image item in the horizon doe NOT work any more.
Could you help me to point out what's wrong with my glance-api-paste.ini file?! Since I only added in following messages as installation guide said:
paste.filter_factory = keystoneclient.middleware.auth_token:filter_factory
auth_host =
admin_user = glance
admin_tenant_name = service
admin_password = GLANCE_PASS
The rest of paragraphs all keep original as follow:
# Use this pipeline for no auth or image caching - DEFAULT
pipeline = versionnegotiation unauthenticated-context rootapp

# Use this pipeline for image caching and no auth
pipeline = versionnegotiation unauthenticated-context cache rootapp

# Use this pipeline for caching w/ management interface but no auth
pipeline = versionnegotiation unauthenticated-context cache cachemanage rootapp

# Use this pipeline for keystone auth
pipeline = versionnegotiation authtoken context rootapp

# Use this pipeline for keystone auth with image caching
pipeline = versionnegotiation authtoken context cache rootapp

# Use this pipeline for keystone auth with caching and cache management
pipeline = versionnegotiation authtoken context cache cachemanage rootapp

# Use this pipeline for authZ only. This means that the registry will treat a
# user as authenticated without making requests to keystone to reauthenticate
# the user.
pipeline = versionnegotiation context rootapp

# Use this pipeline for authZ only. This means that the registry will treat a
# user as authenticated without making requests to keystone to reauthenticate
# the user and uses cache management
pipeline = versionnegotiation context cache cachemanage rootapp

delay_auth_decision = true
paste.composite_factory = glance.api:root_app_factory
/: apiversions
/v1: apiv1app
/v2: apiv2app

paste.app_factory = glance.api.versions:create_resource

paste.app_factory = glance.api.v1.router:API.factory

paste.app_factory = glance.api.v2.router:API.factory

paste.filter_factory = glance.api.middleware.version_negotiation:VersionNegotiationFilter.factory

paste.filter_factory = glance.api.middleware.cache:CacheFilter.factory

paste.filter_factory = glance.api.middleware.cache_manage:CacheManageFilter.factory

paste.filter_factory = glance.api.middleware.context:ContextMiddleware.factory

paste.filter_factory = glance.api.middleware.context:UnauthenticatedContextMiddleware.factory

paste.filter_factory = keystoneclient.middleware.auth_token:filter_factory
auth_host =...


Alex Wang (alex-wang1) wrote :

I would like to re-describe what happen to cause this http://localhost:9292 disappeared problem:
I have assignment to generate a VM in Ubuntu-havan server. Since there is no example to emulate how to generate the Window7-sp1 images file, after I used WinISO tool to create Window7-sp1 ISO file and pscp to Ububtu linux box, I used Horizon to create Window7-sp1 image file successfully.
Then I reset the ubuntu server, when system back, I found in Horizon, the image icon does NOT work anymore, no any created images available, then I debuged the glance-api found the 9292 port not existing any more.

Is there any people who has same experience like this, this is pretty ugly, is there any possible to solve this issue other than re-install openstack-havana??!!

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