Comment 2 for bug 1036846

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit e7073d028aa4c5221dba16b3d48a43189067fed9
Author: Alex Meade <email address hidden>
Date: Wed Aug 15 12:27:00 2012 -0400

    Add policy enforcment for v2 api.

    This patch adds policy checks in the images controller for all actions that need
    to be enforced. It also fixed an issue with unit tests where the v1 unitests
    were testing less than they should be. This was due to the default policy being
    overridden in the test and causing a forbidden to be raised whenever policys
    were changed, regardless of the policy rule added.

    Fixes bug 1036846

    Change-Id: Ib351d8c1e13164d02b02685c808b30045f7850ea