First boot after install of package NCID should not be launching its package init scripts

Bug #1188019 reported by taa on 2013-06-06
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Christoph Korn

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John L. Chmielewski, the author of, asked me to contact you to report a problem with:

I had no problems adding the GetDeb Apps repository and doing:

     sudo apt-get install ncid ncid-client

But the first time I booted after the install I found that these processes were running:

     $ ps -ef|fgrep ncid
     root 852 1 0 16:55 ? 00:00:00 tclsh /usr/bin/ncid --no-gui -p /var/run/ -P ncid-initmodem
     root 861 1 0 16:55 ? 00:00:00 tclsh /usr/bin/ncid --no-gui -p /var/run/ -P ncid-page
     root 872 1 0 16:55 ? 00:00:00 tclsh /usr/bin/ncid --no-gui -p /var/run/ -P ncid-yac
     root 967 1 0 16:55 ? 00:00:00 /bin/bash /usr/bin/yac2ncid

None of the scripts in the ncid and related packages should be configured to start automatically:

     $ sudo apt-cache search ncid
     ncid - Network Caller ID server, client, and gateways
     ncid-client - Network Caller ID client and base output modules
     ncid-kpopup - Network Caller ID client KDE popup module
     ncid-mythtv - Network Caller ID MythTV client module
     ncid-samba - Network Caller ID samba client module
     ncid-speak - Network Caller ID speak client module

Feel free to contact me if you need more information or if I can help with testing.

taa (taa-pobox) wrote :
Christoph Korn (c-korn) wrote :

Ok, the init scripts all are configured with:
# Default-Start: 2 3 4 5

I think the runlevel 5 is wrong here.

Christoph Korn (c-korn) wrote :

Taking ncid 0.86.1-1~getdeb1 as starting point.

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Christoph Korn (c-korn) wrote :

Without runlevel 5 lintian complains:
W: ncid: init.d-script-missing-start etc/init.d/ncidsip 5
N: The given /etc/init.d script indicates it should be started at one of
N: the runlevels 2-5 but not at all of them. This is a mistake. The system
N: administrators should be given the opportunity to customize the
N: runlevels at their will.
N: Refer to Debian Policy Manual section (Managing the links) for
N: details.
N: Severity: normal, Certainty: certain
N: Check: init.d, Type: binary
W: ncid: init.d-script-missing-start etc/init.d/ncid2ncid 5
W: ncid: init.d-script-missing-start etc/init.d/sip2ncid 5
W: ncid: init.d-script-missing-start etc/init.d/ncidd 5
W: ncid: init.d-script-missing-start etc/init.d/yac2ncid 5

Can you just disable that the services should be started automatically?

taa (taa-pobox) wrote :

Hi Christoph,

I don't see how it could be the run level because if you examine init.d/ncidd and init.d/yac2ncid you'll see they both have these lines the same:

     # Default-Start: 2 3 4 5

But the important difference is that yac2ncid is (incorrectly) launched on the post-install boot whereas ncidd (correctly) is not.

I'm only using yac2ncid as an example of just one of the scripts. My original post has the others.

>Can you just disable that the services should be started automatically?

That is why John asked me to contact you. Neither John nor I know how to disable this from happening in the Ubuntu package. When compiling the NCID package from source, it does not start anything automatically.

Christoph Korn (c-korn) wrote :

Hum, this is odd.

yac2ncid and ncidd are installed the same way:
update-rc.d yac2ncid defaults > /dev/null
update-rc.d ncidd defaults > /dev/null

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