Activity log for bug #745414

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2011-03-30 02:15:51 Mathieu Bastian bug added bug
2011-03-30 02:17:29 Mathieu Bastian description Hi, I'm trying to use Import Database from a SQL Server 2005 but I get an exception. Input: Driver: SQL Server Host: Port: 1433 Database: AdventureWorks User Name: MyUserName Password: ***** Looks like the connections string has a bad format. Exception: java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to connect at jdbc:sqlserver:// At I can see that the connectionstring properly should look something like this: jdbc:sqlserver://;databaseName=AdventureWorks;user=MyUserName;password=*****; Can anybody see what I'm doing wrong? JDBC urls are not recognized by SQL-Server Example: jdbc:sqlserver:// How it should be jdbc:sqlserver://;databaseName=AdventureWorks See
2011-03-30 02:17:40 Mathieu Bastian gephi: status New Confirmed
2011-03-30 02:17:45 Mathieu Bastian gephi: importance Undecided Medium
2011-03-30 02:17:50 Mathieu Bastian gephi: milestone 0.7beta
2011-03-30 02:17:55 Mathieu Bastian gephi: assignee Mathieu Bastian (mathieu.bastian)
2011-03-30 02:27:40 Mathieu Bastian gephi: status Confirmed Fix Committed
2011-03-30 02:30:29 Mathieu Bastian summary Misformated SQL-Server JDBC url Misformatted SQL-Server JDBC url
2011-04-13 09:20:13 S├ębastien Heymann gephi: status Fix Committed Fix Released