Comment 0 for bug 686432

I tried to export a GEXF file to check things but it crashed, trying to write:

    <attributes class="node" mode="dynamic">
          <attribute id="time_interval" title="Time Interval"

With the following exception:


The problem is raised at at the line:
AttributeType staticType = TypeConvertor.getStaticType(col.getType());

When col.getType() return TimeInterval, which is not a type known by TypeConvertor.getStaticType().

But it seems the problem is inside ExporterGEXF.writeAttributes() with the predicate to add a dynamic column:

if (exportDynamic && col.getType().isDynamicType() && col.getOrigin().equals(AttributeOrigin.PROPERTY) && col.getIndex() == PropertiesColumn.EDGE_WEIGHT.getIndex()) {

"col.getIndex() == PropertiesColumn.EDGE_WEIGHT.getIndex()" is suspicious, as it is true for the node attribute encoding the TimeInterval.

How to reproduce using the Toolkit:

//Init a project - and therefore a workspace
        ProjectController pc = Lookup.getDefault().lookup(ProjectController.class);
        Workspace workspace = pc.getCurrentWorkspace();

        //Get controllers and models
        ImportController importController = Lookup.getDefault().lookup(ImportController.class);

        //Import file
        Container container;
        try {
            File file = new File("1.csv");
            container = importController.importFile(file);
            container.getLoader().setEdgeDefault(EdgeDefault.DIRECTED); //Force DIRECTED
            container.setAllowAutoNode(false); //Don't create missing nodes
        } catch (Exception ex) {

        //Initialize the DynamicProcessor - which will append the container to the workspace
        DynamicProcessor dynamicProcessor = new DynamicProcessor();
        dynamicProcessor.setDateMode(false); //Set 'true' if you set real dates (ex: yyyy-mm-dd), it's double otherwise
        dynamicProcessor.setLabelmatching(false); //Set 'true' if node matching is done on labels instead of ids

        //Set date for this file

        //Process the container using the DynamicProcessor
        importController.process(container, dynamicProcessor, workspace);

        //Export full graph
        ExportController ec = Lookup.getDefault().lookup(ExportController.class);
        try {
            ec.exportFile(new File("io_gexf.gexf"));
        } catch (IOException ex) {