Comment 86 for bug 271706

Tomasz: I wrote the patch against 2.6.33-rc4, so I'm not surprised it doesn't apply to an older kernel. To clarify, are you still getting the user-visible symptoms even with the patch? When I tried it, I stopped getting the symptoms (volume indicator maxing out and flickering, keyboard freezing up, etc.). The volume wheel seemed sluggish/jittery, but it behaved much better. I did seem to still be getting similar codes from showkey -s, but I assumed those were somehow not relevant, since it mostly worked.

I'll try out the sysfs thing when I get access to the machine again. Do you know where this sort of change would be added in HAL/DeviceKit? Are there any example patches? 2.6.32 means Lucid, so a quirk would still be needed if we wanted to fix it for Karmic, I guess (maybe not worth it).