Comment 47 for bug 271706

@ Tomasz Sterna : an excellent find. I followed the changes along the kernel cvs, and it looks like a proper fix for the R4000/zv6000 would be very similar to the bugs that were fixed in that report, via the kernel input drivers.

(We may need more information for the U300, particularily, an evtest dump of the volume dial in action.)

Specifically, these links look extremely like what we should be aiming for in any stuck keys:

Take a look at the original bug report, and the event output generated by the kernel (fedora, yes it's a Zepto 6615WD, but bear with it):

Notice the events reported are the exact same as for the R4000/ZV6000, even the event codes:
0xe0 0x2e
0xe0 0x30

Now look at the fix (for the Zeptec) within the fedora kernel... handled within /drivers/input/keyboard/atkbd.c

I'm very tempted to play with this myself once i get a free moment.

I understand this bug has gotten plastered with zv6000/R4000 non-wheel (although related) problems, so it would be good to get the focus back to the original U300 system.

Can anybody post an evtest for the U300?