Comment 45 for bug 271706

Hmm, this is just a random thought, but perhaps you might be able to write a hacked version of xf86-input-evdev based on the "value" returned by the volume key events (it seems the kernel knows something we don't? :D ). I noticed that for the R4000, the volume keys do not generate value = 0 OR value = 1... they ONLY generate value = 2 for volume keys (when i compare it to other key events, i believe it means that the key is being held "down").

Is it possible that this is the same for the U300 ? If it is... then we may have a means of identifying these "problem" keyboards within evdev - compliant drivers.

You should test the other quirky machines, for their reported "values" with sudo evtest /dev/input/eventX (keyboard) -- to see if they too only create value = 2 events for volume "keys" -- just a thought for a generic solution :)

I'm not sure if these "value" outputs from evtest are the same values seen within the source of input-evdev... but if these problem machines have a lot in common, we may have a way of disabling auto-repeat similar to your hack.