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Comment 61 for bug 34813

MountainX (dave-mountain) wrote :

Peter Wuertz has made some good suggestions. Why haven't they been considered?

Peter said:
(a) if backup enabled:
- copy, not move the original file to a backup file
- reset file pointer, overwrite the original file in-place

(b) if backup disabled:
- reset file pointer, overwrite the original file in-place

or just tell the user that gedit is not able to backup the file and proceed
with method (b) anyways if the user agrees

My opinion is that the developers don't like the idea of copying the complete file as a backup because copying isn't "efficient." However, that is a poor reason for not resolving this bug. Just do as Peter suggests and make a copy of the file! Many, many editors do that already and the performance hit is not noticeable at all. (Other editors give the user config options, as Peter also suggests.)

Please fix this! Like many people have said, ALL my documents are on Windows shares. So this is a big deal for me and a lot of people like me.