Comment 4 for bug 951574

Sven Nierlein (sven-nierlein) wrote :

Tree is up to date at revision 502.

The error is the same but the line numbers have changed.

#0 0x080ab120 in client ()
#1 0xb7fcc9e4 in gearman_universal_set_error (universal=..., rc=GEARMAN_NO_SERVERS, function=0xb7fd837c "_client_run_task",
    position=0xb7fd82be "libgearman/", format=0xb7fd82ad "no servers added") at libgearman/
#2 0xb7fd099e in _client_run_task (task=0x80d9830) at libgearman/
#3 0xb7fc934c in _client_run_tasks (client=0x80ab000) at libgearman/
#4 0xb7fc9ab4 in gearman_client_run_tasks (client=0x80ab000) at libgearman/

In addition to the segfault, i get lots of messages like this:

Assertion "packet->universal" failed for function "gearman_packet_free" likely for "Packet that is being freed has not been allocated, most likely this is do to freeing a gearman_task_st or other object twice", at libgearman/

the only free i use, is the gearman_client_task_free_all(client) after gearman_client_run_tasks(). But i don't think thats the point here, because the segfault is already before the free.