Activity log for bug #923463

Date Who What changed Old value New value Message
2012-01-29 19:34:56 Joern Heissler bug added bug
2012-01-30 07:39:05 Brian Aker gearmand: status New Incomplete
2012-05-24 05:39:35 Brian Aker gearmand: importance Undecided Low
2012-05-24 05:39:37 Brian Aker gearmand: assignee Brian Aker (brianaker)
2012-05-24 05:39:43 Brian Aker gearmand: status Incomplete Confirmed
2012-11-01 16:41:08 Brian Aker summary GRAB_ALL undocumented and not supported by server GRAB_ALL undocumented and not supported by older versions of server
2015-03-17 02:19:08 Clint Byrum branch linked lp:~clint-fewbar/gearmand/document-protocol
2016-07-03 17:19:35 Clint Byrum gearmand: status Confirmed Fix Committed