Comment 4 for bug 700608

timuckun (timuckun) wrote :

Sorry I don't have any metrics like that.

All I know is that something seems screwy with my combination of gearman .14 and ruby client worker.

You can see my other tickets about gearman locking up the problem may be related.

I am now running gearman with the following flags

opt/sbin/gearmand --pid-file=/var/run/gearman/ --user=gearman --file-descriptors=49152 --threads=4 --daemon --log-file=/var/log/gearman-job-server/gearman.log -vvv -q libdrizzle --libdrizzle-table=momentumweb_queue --libdrizzle-port=3306 --libdrizzle-user=gearman --libdrizzle-password=xxxxxxxxxx --libdrizzle-db=gearman_db_user --libdrizzle-mysql

If I run it without without the threads option it does lock up occasionally.

Everything has to be restarted once that happens.