Comment 2 for bug 700608

timuckun (timuckun) wrote :

According to the documentation on the web the status command works like this.


    This sends back a list of all registered functions. Next to
    each function is the number of jobs in the queue, the number of
    running jobs, and the number of capable workers. The columns are
    tab separated, and the list is terminated with a line containing
    a single '.' (period). The format is:


    - None.

So the third item is supposed to be number of jobs running.

If you look at the data I posted the following queues are reporting invalid data.

consolidated_url is reporting three running out of two workers.
facebook is reporting 68 running out of 3 workers.
url_expire is reporting 2553 running out of 4 workers.

In my case each worker takes one job at a time so there should be no instances where the running should exceed the number of workers.