Comment 10 for bug 700608

Hi Brian,

> We have not been given a repeatable test case by anyone. The one bug that
> existed for this is solved by setting the number of workers during startup (and adjusting timeouts).

Are you talking about the: --worker-wakeup argument of the server?

Secondly on the timeout - I do not see an option on gearmand specifically... are you saying in the client to specify a higher timeout? Right now we have our clients set to 1s in order to handle a custom timeout in our worker (which is calculated by code). Reasoning for the custom timeout is to avoid an issue we had with PHP and ensuring that it would listen to signals such as a SIGKILL without getting stuck in the loop waiting forever. Seems odd but it wouldn't work any other way...

> Without a repeatable test case (or a customer who has a server we can examine)
> we can't understand if the problem exists or not. Dozens of linux versions, people
> with compiled kernels,... just too many variables.

I could likely provide one the next time it spins out of control through one of our lower tiered environments. The hardest part has really been finding a way to repeat it (which we have not found a single repeatable test case but do notice it happens more on 0.2x versions rather than the 0.1x).