Comment 6 for bug 134488

Bjoern Koch (h.humpel) wrote :

OK. Just wanted to make sure ;).
Although: if I take a look at the pygtk docs things are a bit "confusing" to me.
As far as I can tell (and I may be wrong here): the label element in gDesklets is a pango.layout (which is put into a gdk.Pixmap). The pango.layout supports set_justify (boolean) and set_alignment (left, center, right) ( This what I started to implement.
But typically alignment/justification of a text/label is handled - as you can see in gtk.Label ( - by only one attribute: set_justify (left, center, fill, right).

gDesklets uses pango.layout for the label element. And I am wondering what happens (or should happen) when you set the attributes to "justified" and "right". This doesn't make any sense at all to me unless the "justified" is interpreted as "stretching" rather than "filling up with whitespaces".

This is the point where someone needs to lighten things up who knows what's going on and how things are meant to be done ;).