Comment 10 for bug 637797

On 10/21/2010 12:54 AM, Andrew Stubbs wrote:
> Here's the problem: expand_divmod always prefers the straight "div" library
> call over the "divmod" library call, no exceptions.

Can you explain a little bit further? I go through
expmed.c:expand_divmod, but didn't get such conclusion that
"expand_divmod always prefers the straight div over divmod".

> Yes, "divmodsi4" in a .md is indeed preferred over "divsi4", so the
> optimization works fine on targets that have those, but ARM doesn't, so those
> rules are irrelevant.

What is "divsi4"? Is it a RTL pattern or something else? I can't find
it in gcc source by grep.

> ARM does not provide a separate library function for "mod", so expand_divmod
> does use "divmod" for mod operations, but never for div operations.
> The reason for the apparent opposite rules appears to be that the divmodsi4
> rule can be coded to auto-detect the most optimal kind of underlying operation
> to use, whereas the library call is fixed, once chosen.
> I see two possible ways to fix this:
> 1. Teach CSE (or somewhere) that div and divmod library calls have some
> overlap.
> 2. Always prefer divmod, and find some other way to convert it to div, where
> appropriate.

Can we define a peephole2 here? or we can do something on tree level?

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