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Bug #1585992: Changing target node hostname to '3-edon' stops dnsmasq on Fuel master and breaks deployment process Medium Fix Committed 409 weeks
Bug #1602817: Can't upload network template with private interface without vlan tag High Fix Committed 411 weeks
Bug #1572019: [octane] cache_service_tenant_id should respect old verions without "openstack" client High Fix Committed 427 weeks
Bug #1537104: nailgun-agent can not grab network interface speed after node discovery Medium In Progress 440 weeks
Bug #1513956: Fuel 6.1 duplicate sources.list entry after plugin update High Fix Committed 450 weeks
Bug #1386865: Update Mellanox plugin packages for Juno Medium Fix Committed 502 weeks
Bug #1333814: Environment deployment failed with ceph-deploy 1.5.2 Critical Fix Committed 521 weeks
Bug #1336222: on redhat openstack-nova-compute does not accept options from /etc/sysconfig/ High Fix Committed 521 weeks

From: Stepan Rogov
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Bug #1291692: Cciss seperator support regressions in 4.1 High Fix Committed 537 weeks
Bug #1272840: Raise max file descriptors and process file limits for corosync High Fix Committed 542 weeks
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