Comment 26 for bug 1651182

Submitter: Pkgs Jenkins <email address hidden>
Branch: 8.0

Commit: 7f7d79e0816961acec585dbfb7f0c4b1f2a089af
Author: Ivan Suzdal <email address hidden>
Date: Fri Jul 14 10:06:26 2017

MySQL client metapackage and break condition

This patch introduces two changes:
 - added the break condition statement for mysql-server-wsrep-core-5.6
   which is needed to allow easy upgrades from pre 5.6 mysql-wsrep
 - added the libmysqlclient18 metapackage which is needed to avoid
   conflicts during installation of 3rd-party packages which depend on
   the real libmysqlclient18 package and cannot be satisfied with the
   virtual one

Closes-Bug: #1651182
Change-Id: Id3794f47ec6d45cdaeaba9943cb89e9eb22c202c