Comment 14 for bug 1651182

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: stable/mitaka

commit c0d6c904bbcb83e66c1d6ff5a3bdba6e9a407c7b
Author: Vladimir Kuklin <email address hidden>
Date: Wed Jan 11 18:07:56 2017 +0300

    Add libmysqlclient18 to the partial mirror pkg list

    Otherwise it will not be mirrored and it will be marked
    as a virtual package by APT, for which there is no ability
    to do provides via mysql-wsrep-libmysqlclient18 package
    which will break mysql library installation dependencies

    Change-Id: I487032cfa2acc9e22c6b8df46fa5d11019debd3b
    Closes-bug: #1651182