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Bug #1893537: gpsd API 9 has a different altitude reporting Undecided Fix Committed 93 weeks

From: Maciej S. Szmigiero
Link: foxtrotgps-gpsd-api-10.patch


Bug #1892778: append lat,lon,dist to clipboard and print distances on load-from-track Undecided New 110 weeks

From: Jochen
Link: 325_324.diff


Bug #1891804: Add the function to display the route plan distance in the status bar Undecided New 111 weeks

From: Koine Yuusuke
Link: print-route-distance-support.patch


Bug #1860756: Fix to compile with GCC v10 Undecided Fix Committed 140 weeks

From: Tilmann Bubeck
Link: dialog10-fix.patch

Fix for problem

Bug #1251687: Feature: Start/stop drawing of the track (Patch included) Wishlist Triaged 458 weeks

From: Florian Schafferhans
Link: toggle_track_drawing_trunk-03.patch


Bug #610743: please reduce the number of lines printed to stdout/stderr Wishlist Triaged 623 weeks

From: Timo Juhani Lindfors
Link: foxtrotgps-custom-logging.patch

custom logging function that is less verbose than the libgps default

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