Comment 5 for bug 1099023

Alba Mendez (jmendeth) wrote :

> They are not even remotely interested in knowing
> what issues a developer may face to make a software
> more usable for them. This stands whether you
> acknowledge it or not.
I aknowledge, or course. I know it's so.

But you always have to learn, *especially* when you
use a software, or any other thing in general.

The point here is: "how many learning requires a user to
be able to control this feature?" "can we reduce it for him?"
"can we make that learning easier/less painful for the user?"

and sometimes, even: "can we explain why is this feature so
hard to learn?" :)

In this case I think it's better to leave custom CSS as an
"advanced" feature, maybe add a tooltip saying something
like "custom CSS allows you to customize the aspect and layout of
the webpages you visit". But I repeat, maybe it's easier
in practice... ;)