Comment 3 for bug 1099023

Alba Mendez (jmendeth) wrote :

When it comes to customizing the look & feel of a WEB application,
it's *really* complicated, when compared to customizing a desktop/native

This is because webapps are full of styling to look pretty,
but in the case of "normal" apps, they use the system controls,
which look always the same, and so they're easier to change.

If it comes to magnifying a page (like you would do on browsers with Ctrl +/-)
then that's very easy to control with webkit and thus easy to add.

If my father could learn CSS, and it lets you do really fancy things
(not only just changing fonts) on ANY website, then it's worth learning
it if you *really* need to customize a web.


BUT that's theorical; maybe in practice it's not as hard as it seems.
Detecting/replacing fonts of the same group seems a painful task, however...