Comment 2 for bug 958432

Jean Jordaan (jean-jordaan) wrote :

The current status does not fix the issue as stated. The _raise_ behaviour is modified, but the bottom window still grabs focus just because the mouse happens to be over it.

The mouse should not transfer focus randomly based on whatever window happens to appear under it. Focus should follow logical rules (i.e. if the top window is closed, the window under it takes focus).

To transfer focus, _click_ on a window, or _move_ the mouse into it.

E.g. in the referenced askubuntu question: Click to focus and raise the bottom terminal, or move out/in to focus the bottom terminal without raising it.

The same issue pertains when switching workspaces (focus is transferred to whatever window happens to be under the mouse on the destination workspace). The mouse position is determined by what I was doing on the origin workspace, and does not indicate any intention to change focus on the target workspace.

I propose to reopen this bug.