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We load nested content in a Flash movie and users continue to see a status that indicates data is still being loaded from the network.

This presents an issue because users frequently assume that a page is slow or broken if it shows a status message of transferring data when the data transfer is completed. We've also had this issue intermittently when using JavaScript without Flash, but the issue is very repeatable with Flash. We know that users take this seriously because we receive bug reports about performance because they believe our site is slow when this happens.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. open a Shockwave Flash File that in turn loads another movie clip at an external URL in FireFox (the Flash 9 player plugin integrates with FireFox to load this movie)

Actual Results:
If nothing is in cache, the browser will complete the request and the TCP/IP connection closes, but the status bar will show "Transferring data from"

If you click on another tab and then click back to the original tab, then Firefox reports a status of "done"

If the contained SWF is in the browser cache, then sometimes the status is reported as Read <server>, which remains until you navigate away from the tab.

Expected Results:
The status bar clears after data has been transferred.