Comment 109 for bug 175904

(In reply to comment #22)
> The patch adds configury for using libstartupnotification, and ifdef'd code to
> use libsn. We then build moz without sn support. If it's functioning, it's
> completely by accident.

Ok, I'm at home so I can't actually test this with my rawhide computer, but from
looking at the patch again, the section you identified earlier (which calls
gdk_window_focus which ultimately causes the focus event) is the source of the
behavior under discussion.

The startup notification specification if supported correctly would make Firefox
display a progress status on first launch, but this (to me) is not the most
useful part of the patch. The most useful part is the behavior that when one
clicks on a link in an external program, the web browser appears and displays
the link.

Some people feel that behavior wasn't right for multiple desktops (and the
metacity patch addresses this), but please when testing things, try the single
workspace case. The expected behavior is that the browser appears; it should
not pulse as in comment #9. This is the way clicking on links works on other
platforms, and is the most sensible thing I believe for most situations in the
single-workspace case.

There might be some more special cases such as feed readers (liferea?) where one
wants to click a number of links to "queue" urls; I am open to discussion around
those. Probably the right solution for them will be to have the ability at
link-click time whether or not you want to see it.