Comment 21 for bug 284596

"Have you tried setting the connexion for all users, as suggested in the previous comment? At least, that makes this serious limitation less problematic."

That's true, I guess. But the fact that I have to install something other than NetworkManager for the second user to manage the connection (I'm not using Kubuntu), and the fact that connections must be individually "whitelisted," still makes the experience very frustrating.

At least there's some work-around. For now I think it will be easier to log out and log in as a different user every time rather than having multiple users logged in, since I've also had another bug with user switching that left one user with no X session until I restarted the system. I haven't reported that one because I haven't been able to track down its cause or reproduce it yet.

I know my complaining isn't really helping to fix the problem, but this is a frustrating state of affairs, considering Linux's multi-user roots. I have to wonder why the upstream bug is marked with severity "Enhancement," considering its impact.

Thanks for the update.