Segmentation fault when clicked on Artist tab on Information page

Bug #136202 reported by Adam Olsen on 2007-08-30
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Adam Olsen

Bug Description

exaile crashes when clicked on Artist, Lyrics on Information tab.

[ameya@localhost ~]$ exaile
Gtk-Message: Failed to load module "gnomebreakpad": cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Plugins 'Shoutcast Radio' version '0.2' loaded successfully
Checking in /home/ameya/.exaile/plugins for egg plugins
<pkg_resources.Environment object at 0xa31d6cc>
Created db for thread Thread-2
{'Thread-2': <sqlite3.Connection object at 0xa2ac908>}
Using multimedia keys from: gnome
loading tracks...
Closed db for thread Thread-2
done loading tracks...
loading songs
Clearing tracks cache
Importing /home/ameya/.exaile/saved/playlist0000.m3u
/usr/share/exaile/xl/ GtkWarning: gdk_pixbuf_copy_area: assertion `src_x >= 0 && src_x + width <= src_pixbuf->width' failed
  star.copy_area(0, 0, star_size, star_size, full_image, star_size * x, 0)
Last playlist loaded
Loading page 0
Warning: Gstreamer equalizer element not found, please install the latest gst-plugins-bad package
Segmentation fault

This ticket was migrated from the old trac: re #779

Nicholas Omann (alphacluster) wrote :

Crashes here as well with following: /tabs/m/minori_chihara/uki,_muon,_madobe_nite._(program_hack_remix)-tab.shtml,_muon,_madobe_nite._(program_hack_remix)-tab.shtml
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

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status: New → Confirmed
Changed in exaile:
importance: Undecided → High
Robert Hrovat (robi-hipnos) wrote :

Confirming on latest Gutsy updates as of today.

Robert Hrovat (robi-hipnos) wrote :

Confirming also on compiled 0.2.11b from bazaar source.

Adam Olsen (arolsen) wrote :

This is fixed in the latest bzr. I'm attaching a patch for 0.2.11

Changed in exaile:
assignee: nobody → arolsen
status: Confirmed → Fix Committed
Adam Olsen (arolsen) wrote :
Robert Hrovat (robi-hipnos) wrote :

Hey Adam!

Patch seem to be working but there is still a problem.
Make install does not put MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME in /usr/bin/exaile. If I add it manualy it seems to be ok, but crashes when you open next song.

Steps to reproduce:
Open Exaile, pick a song in playlist and right click to select Information.
Go to Artist tab and it opens ok.
Now, don't close information tab but click again on playlist.
Select another song and again right click for information.
Clicking on Album or Lyrics tab now causes Exaile to crash.

Attached is a terminal output.

Chris Balcum (sherl0k) wrote :

Confirming the above comment, happens to me also.

jepessen (danwolf80) wrote :

It happens to me, too.

When I click on informations on a song, and the information tab is opened, it's all OK, but when I want to select an internet tab (artist, tablature etc), first time it freeze and I must to kill him, and second time, it closes with segmentation fault problem.

Ehtetur (rutethe) wrote :

The crash is caused if the firefox is compiled without specifying the LIB_DIR option...
That bug (#157126) can be found here:

I installed the latest development version of exaile (0.2.12devel) from bazaar on my Gutsy x86_64 box.
When I ran checkinstall -D --install=no (used in place of make install), it concatenated MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME=/usr/lib/firefox to read MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME=
After editing the exaile file and pointing MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME to /usr/lib/firefox, clicking on Album, artist, worked great. No more dirty seg faults.

Note: The latest precompiled devel version (0.2.11-bzr1466) for x86 also does not have MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME= pointing to /usr/lib/firefox.. However, that is working fine on my Gutsy x86.

KDontenville (kevin-keepnet) wrote :

This is still happening to me with Gutsy 32bit and Exaile bzr v2.12b. Gutsy is fully updated. Do I read in the above that we need to compile FF rather than take the supported repository version to get Exaile to work. Not too happy to do that on such a exposed/vulnerable app as FF. Any ideas?

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