Tagging large amounts of songs is cumbersome

Bug #136123 reported by Adam Olsen on 2007-08-30
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The very thing I miss from Amarok is its ability of easily manage and edit large amounts of song tags.
Exaile ability to do that is quite limited and I feel there's plenty of room for improvement.
Specifically, exaile could:
  * when a lot of songs are selected, and "Edit informations" is activated, there's no way to proceed
    forward or backward through the list of songs. Instead, just the first one is shown / edited.
  * the items in the RMB-menu for changing song informations are redundant: they allow to edit a
    single field (popping up an annoying window just for a text input). "Edit information" is the only useful
    item, since all the other infos can be changed from that. Amarok let you change a bunch of ids (like setting
    the album / genre tag for a group of selected files), or to act on a per-song basis from its editing window.
  * allow changing tags like amarok does right inside the treeview. A single click on an already selected song
    could activate editing mode for a given column. When confirming the value with the "enter" key, the following
    row in the treeview should be put in editing mode.
  * when no id3 is set, it could better guess song informations based on some sort of heuristic
  * it could allow for automatically translating song names in some format decided by the user:
    lowercase, UPPERCASE, Camel Case. However, this isn't so important after all.

Additionally, it would be nice:
  * renaming files on disk given the tags of the songs in the library, skipping those where tags aren't set
but maybe this goes in a separate ticket.


This ticket was migrated from the old trac: re #644

Alpha_Cluster (alphacluster) wrote :

Most of this I believe has been added by the new tagger.

Changed in exaile:
importance: Undecided → Wishlist
status: New → In Progress

i'd like to see those features, too

Thorsten Mühlfelder (thenktor) wrote :

Why not use a mass tag tool like EasyTag for these things? A music player only needs basic tag functionality (unix KISS philosphy)

yeah - either integrate a good tagger or no tagger at all. but if you want a music player just to play music, you would've to use mp3blaster or sth like that :D

and btw... EasyTag is NOT userfriendly or easy

J.M. "Peng" Hardin (bostonpeng) wrote :

I use EasyTag when I bring music files into my comp, but I agree with Adam, it was one of the things I miss from Amarok. While I can go back into EasyTag to edit tags, it would be much easier if I could do it within my music player when I find tags that need changing. Otherwise I need to go into EasyTag, fix the tags, then back into Exaile and rescan my library (something I don't have turned on ATM due to the fact that my comp is old and underpowered).

Luca Vezzaro (elvezzaro) wrote :

Looking at how mass tagging is implemented by other apps, I still see room for improvement.
I'd like to see a dialog where the tracks to be edited are shown in an editable list where I can manually change track number and song title. Selecting multiple items in the list will allow to change stuff which is usually shared among tracks in an album like Artist name, Album title, Release date and so on... It is obviously an album-oriented approach but I can't see the benefits of mass tagging in a different scenario...
Besides, I think musicbrainz integration is a must for mass tagging, and doing that elegantly without slowing too much the editing process might be difficult.

Johannes Sasongko (sjohannes) wrote :

A lot of these have been implemented in the "new" tagger (which is pretty old by now).

Changed in exaile:
status: In Progress → Fix Released
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