Comment 16 for bug 48679

Simon Hepburn (sth) wrote :

Still present in Gutsy/ Evo 2.12.

I can also confirm the additional problem noted above by Barry Michels, it seems to be more than a simple locale issue - there is something seriously flawed with Evo's date calculations. For those of us with a locale setting that won't permit entering four-digit years in Evo, you can verify this by installing Openhand's Contacts which also uses EDS for storage:

#apt-get install contacts

Contacts uses four-digit years to edit birthdates stored in EDS. If you edit a contact record with Contacts to correct a birthdate of say 2066 to 1966 and then go to that date in 2007 in Evo's Birthdays & Anniversarys Calendar you would expect to see an entry with (41) after it to indicate that date is that contact's 41st birthday. According to Evo however that person is 38 years old in 2007. Interesting maths!

I verified that Contacts stores the date correctly in EDS by installing GBirthday which also uses EDS. The dates of upcoming birthdays (and ages) that have been corrected with Contacts are displayed correctly by GBirthday.

Will copy this to upstream bug.