Comment 44 for bug 727370

Rodrigo Moya (rodrigo-moya) wrote :

Jono, I've just pushed a package branch with the patch we talked yesterday. It seems to work ok when you don't have many contacts, but with 1500 I added, evolution doesn't display them all correctly (the space for the contact is shown, but not the contact's details until you navigate to the hidden contacts with the keyboard). So, I'm pushing the branch so that you can have a test, but I need to do some more debugging to see why evolution doesn't display them, so too late for natty. If it works ok for both you and me, we can SRU. I guess it's an evolution bug, but I can't really submit this to natty for now.

So, the branch is at lp:~rodrigo-moya/ubuntu/natty/evolution-couchdb/idle-loading, so do the following:

$ bzr get lp:~rodrigo-moya/ubuntu/natty/evolution-couchdb/idle-loading
$ cd idle-loading
$ bzr bd -- -b

this will build the .debs, which you can then install from ../build-area. So please have a try for a few days, and next week we can SRU it.