Comment 2 for bug 1830089

Jeff Davis (jdavis-sitka) wrote :

I've opened bug 1832410 for the issue with voiding bills, which is a related but separate bug.

Working branch user/jeffdavis/lp1830089-lost-and-paid-on-adjust-to-zero has a fix for adjust-to-zero:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/user/jeffdavis/lp1830089-lost-and-paid-on-adjust-to-zero

The fix refactors some code so that regular payments and adjust-to-zero use the same subroutine to close the transaction and adjust item status. It's slightly inelegant because they handle errors differently: make_payments wants a text string that it can pass to an error-handling function, while adjust_bills_to_zero_manual expects an event. But it works.